Visitors in Guassa CCA 

  • We had a wonderful Time!! The Gelada Baboons were magnficent,landscape Spectacular,we will be back. Brain Cux+ BBC crew for Human Universe" 14/02/2014
  • we came for a family Camping weekend and loved the amazing landsape.Thanks to the provided mule it was also for our 6 years old daughter to enjoy the 5 hour trek to Firkuta Kidane Mihret Monastery.The next day we have visited the traditional Menz-Village.We Saww lots of Gelada and even one wolf infront of the lodge. A cool experiance- in every sense of the world!! Jan, Ayana, Andrea, Andreas  - Heuberger May  2013 
  • "A wild and beautiful place - only a few days here but really enjoyed it. Stunning scenery and wildlife" Simone Cole – BBC
  • "We will never forget the images; we had the opportunity to see in Guassa the whole harmony of the beautiful sky, the birds... Thank you Biniyam. It is great to share this with good friends" Her Excellency Isabel Azevedo -Brazil Ambassador in Ethiopia
  • "What a lovely place, and great to see the wolf and gelada numbers are thriving!" Emily Duggas
  • "I don’t want to leave! Thank you for looking after us and showing us what an incredible place Guassa is. I will be back." Kety Elson
  • "A wonderful community (traditional community set up)... Let's hope this will be a model for other protected areas." Nick Mitchell
  • "The Guassa plateau certainly deserves to be known, for it is a gorgeous place offering a great trip. I hope the local people can benefit from the planned tourism." Guy Banim
  • "Great place, lovely views and the drive up is spectacular. Some more rooms would be great and it's in a great location." Seth Chapman

5 Reasons to Travel to Guassa