Getting there and around


Getting There

The Guassa Community Conservation Area is reached by road, either in a private vehicle or by public bus, which runs daily from Addis Ababa to the town of Mehal Meda. The drive in a private car takes about 5 hours, while by bus it takes about 7 hours. Guassa is approximately 265km from Addis. 

If driving in a private car from Addis take the Dessie road and travel north, passing through Debre Birhan (130km from Addis). Continue a further 55km until you reach the small town of Tarmaber (a total of 185km from Addis). Take a right turn on a good dirt road at the beginning of the small town. If you reach a tunnel on the main road, you have gone too far. The road from Tarmaber to Guassa is 80km. After 56km, you will make a right turn in Melaya - there is a clearly marked sign 300m before the turn. After you turn right, continue 22km, where a wooden sign on your left leads you to the Community Lodge. 

Mehal Meda

For visitors with their own vehicle it is also possible to continue to Mehal Meda, the Woreda (district) town located 22km northwest of the Guassa plateau. Simply follow the only road on the plateau in the opposite direction of Addis. There are a number of local hotels in Mehal Meda, such as the Nyala Hotel and others currently under construction.

5 Reasons to Travel to Guassa